7 Steps To The Real You Training Program

Free Your Life


This fabulous, professional self-development training program is unique to Transformative Thought and identifies  7 Steps Towards the Real You helping you to eradicate faulty belief systems and to open yourself up to new opportunities in life. It forms the foundation of change, clarifying each step in full enabling you to adapt these methods to your own life.


Attend the ONE-DAY EVENT in BATH

7 Steps Finished Cover rr

Embark on a journey of self-discovery!


Religious/Spiritual Beliefs


Belief Systems

Business and Work


Family Relationships

Relationships with Money

Self-sabotage and more….

The course is now live, so change your life and grab your copy today.

Only £150

Study at your own pace and make the most of all of the many tips, evaluation and study-units that support each module. 

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