Being Aware of Awareness



I have written many articles about the balance of positive and negative energy and how they are equally important in our lives. Having a positive outlook is very powerful but of course it must never be at the expense of an individual avoiding negative elements. Although this at first seems a strange thing to say, it does make sense when you consider that the Universe we live in is complete energy and therefore, must be balanced.

So what we really need is awareness.

Awareness empowers us because it gives us the ability to recognise negative situations without concentrating or dwelling upon them. In some ways, this fits into the law of attraction in that we should not allow our thoughts to manifest a reality but where it differs is that we should not ignore the negative outcome completely.

Awareness actually helps us block negativity and naturally turn possible outcomes into a positive. Another way of looking at this is that each and every thought is energy and so, by trying not think of an outcome you actually are. This is why awareness is so important as you are not trying block energy via your thoughts but allowing the balance to adjust. By being aware, we are allowing a natural balance and flow that still allows all possible outcomes but also, enables positive thoughts and positive feelings.

We can see this in action when we look at deeply rooted fears. An individual may be trying very hard to avoid acknowledging these fears, desperately trying to think in a positive way, unaware that they are actually manifesting this fear by deliberately attempting to block out negative thoughts. This only gives the fear power. Inevitably, this negative outcome is likely to manifest itself.

Although this short article only touches on awareness, it is something to consider. Awareness helps you to understand that avoidance is not the answer, rather, it is important to be aware that both positive and negative outcomes exist alongside each other in a perfect balance. By embracing this knowledge and then retaining positive thoughts, we can help shift energy to work in our favour.

Andy Beveridge

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