Do You Think Yourself Old?

Time waits for no one.


When we think about ageing, we tend to think about our bodies deteriorating and the slow, steady process of our mental faculties ebbing away.  The thought of aging tends to follows a negative pattern because it’s about loss and of course, depicts the inevitable signs of our own mortality. What we should do instead is think about the accumulated knowledge that we have gained and how we are able to explore new ideas and concepts with a mind developed through discovery and knowledge gained over a lifetime.


We think about ageing incorrectly because we put numbers first. We map out our lives through a series of dates that follow a calendar which we created ourselves. It makes sense that we can mark time in this way. The simple solution of following the turn of the earth for a day and marking out a year by understanding the Earth’s journey around the sun all appears to be the correct answer to charting out our daily lives. It has become important to us to chart time and in a world that is growing busier almost by the second, we tend to map out our days by watching the ticking of the clock.


However, ageing has nothing to do this. We cannot stop getting older but we don’t all age in relation to that ticking clock. Ageing and time are two different factors. Once we understand this, we develop a relationship with ageing and time that is completely different than before. The mistake that is ingrained deeply within is to believe that numbers count for how we should feel or act. We celebrate reaching pivotal points in our lives like 21 and 40 and 60. We consider these significant milestones and, of course, it’s not wrong to celebrate those events. But they have nothing to do with real ageing but the danger is that our minds still believes that it does. Someone reaches a certain age and they start to believe that they need to behave differently or dress in a certain way. This is all completely wrong because your body clock may not be in line with your chronological age, and because of this, some people age quicker than they need to.

A demonstration of this is when two people who are attracted to each other meet for the first time. For most people, the need to want to know the other person’s age is high on their list. Sometimes, the answer to this question may put them completely off the idea of being with that person in a relationship. Of course, there are obvious boundaries as it’s not natural to be attracted to someone who is at the opposite end of the scale from you, because nature does not want that to happen. It requires both adults to be around for any offspring. How sad though that we often categorize another person simply because of a number that was given to them.

The truth is that once you stop thinking of your age and your life as a series of numbers then you unlock the inner you, because it is highly unlikely that the ageing process your mind and body is going through is really linked to any numbers at all. The age you have been told you are may well not be your physical, mental or emotional age at all.

Sponsered by The Ageless Body System by Wesley Virgin.

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Self-Belief Within Relationships

colorful-1187076_960_720Very few of us are trained to actually explore our own belief systems and therefore, we trundle through life with these beliefs largely unchallenged. False beliefs can be quite damaging in certain aspects of life and one area in which we need to look at those beliefs is within relationships.

We may believe in something wholeheartedly but this does not make it true.

If we make judgments simply through values that have been either passed down to us or which are largely unexplored, then we risk a less than desirable outcome. Consider this – has there ever been a time in your life when you have wanted to ask someone out on a date but failed to do so fearing rejection? If the answer is yes, then this is a self-limiting belief. The origins of this belief may be deeply embedded in the sub-conscious mind and may have been laid down as a trigger many years beforehand.

So let’s examine some beliefs and see if they are really working for you.

If you are in a healthy relationship and happy with the ebb and flow of energy between you then all is well but for a great many people, this is not the case, the harmony between both may be sadly lacking. Or, you may no longer be in a relationship and feel that you have missed your chance of finding true love. You may have been hurt and unable to face the prospect of finding love again. Sometimes, by simply examining your personal beliefs, it is possible to facilitate change for the better.

Here are a few beliefs that are simply not true and may damage a relationship very quickly:

1. If you fall out of love then it will never return.
2. What I have experienced in the past will always return in the future.
3. It takes two to change things.
4. If it’s real love then it should require no work.
5. If it doesn’t work this time then I will never find true love again.

Now if you read through these five sentences, do they make sense to you? Do any of them resonate as to how you feel? Can you justify any of the statements made?

It’s worth nothing that none of these are true, it is simply a case of perception i.e. how we see things or how we feel that differs. I have picked out these five sentences deliberately because they are often the type of false information that is passed on down to us. They occur through damaging experiences and beliefs of others which eventually become our own.

We need to examine them and question why this should be so.

It pays to write a list down that includes every self-limiting belief that you have and although you may struggle initially, you can rectify this by considering any decisions made in relationships and question why you made them. It is possible to empower oneself very easily once we start to dissect any beliefs and actions that have been self-limiting. Simply, they have no right to be with us at all.

So here is a couple of questions that you should ask yourself.

1. Is what I believe really true?
2. Can I change how I think about situations?
3. With practice, can I have a different belief system?

We must recognise that the capability of change is within all of us and the real power lies with our recognising our basic needs and those of our partner’s too. Each of us is responsible for our actions and so anything we do in life, will facilitate change in some direction. The point is to recognise the value of what we have in any given partnership. No two people are ever the same and so no relationship can be the same as the previous one, this means that what happened once is not necessary going to happen again. We must eliminate comparisons for that is damaging in itself.

All of the positives above allow us to be true to ourselves and to enable the partnership to feel free and safe because the relationship can grow without fear or limitations. We develop in the way that we should. This is often the main key to a healthy, loving relationship.

Andy Beveridge

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Understanding your belief systems

Belief Systems

We are all born with a clean slate and our belief systems are passed down to us in a variety of ways i.e. from parents, teachers, friends and even the media plays a role in the development of all that we believe. In all honesty, we rarely question them and carry on throughout life following these beliefs as if they must be true. It pays to sit down and contemplate as to why we actually believe or think we know about something. This does not just mean spiritual or religious views although they very much do fit into this but also, to consider our whole attitude about life and even our thoughts on what is healthy or good for us. Our perceived values are also handed to us from external sources and will govern our way of thinking right from the start.

When I first sat down and began to question my own beliefs, it was a real wake-up call.

You see even when we think we are making decisions or choices based upon our own knowledge, this is quite often not the case. You may walk down a supermarket aisle and without due consideration, pluck items from the shelf never questioning which products are better or even why a certain product is chosen. The chances are that taste is only one aspect of why you choose certain types of food. Marketing hype and discussions with others may influence your beliefs.

Messages from bill boards and magazines seep through into our sub-conscious mind and facilitate change in the way we think. There is no escape from this barrage of often false information and those people within marketing, know that it works. We trust authority figures far too easily without ever researching the real truths and making an informed decision based on that research.

We do this with even more serious subjects too like religion and tend to believe all that has been passed down to us forgetting that someone else in another part of the world believes in a completely different set of values for exactly the same reason. We should always question our core beliefs and see if we truly understand them.

Finding the Real You
The real you can often be hidden under other peoples’ beliefs systems which they in turn developed from people passing their own beliefs onto them too. Look how easily a story can become twisted as it is passed on from person to person.

Once you start asking why something is important to you and what experiences you have based your belief system on, then often the truth becomes clear, and this is where your core values and beliefs can sometimes change. This is where the heart of the ‘real you’ resides, that place where what you do and live by is completely your choice based on your experiences, your instinct and your knowledge. These beliefs are yours alone.

Andy Beveridge

Do you have damaging beliefs? Find out HERE.

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Let Go of Past Regrets



by Annette Young

You think that your past regrets are just that…a thing of the past. A distant memory slotted neatly into the dark recesses of your mind and long forgotten.

Sadly, regrets have a way of intertwining and becoming intricately wrapped in the here and now.  Stored within your sub-conscious mind, they shape your thoughts and actions and they can make you hold back in life. Regrets are part of the human condition, it’s impossible to go through life without making any irrespective of any tender steps around issues. You may have made a decision that turned out horribly wrong. Your mistake might have been costly. You hurt someone badly or your decision impacted your career prospects on a colossal scale. Your decision may have been made out of fear.

Live with your past regrets and learn from them.

Your past regrets can easily interfere with your belief system and make you second guess how to progress your life in a positive way. Understanding how important past regrets are enables you to deal with them in a positive and healing way. Spending time analysing any past regrets is a positive move. Track down those regrets that haunt you and chip away at your sub-conscious mind, always just slightly out of reach of your conscious control.

Forgive yourself and let go.

Whatever your reasoning at the time, it’s important to accept it and embrace it. Consider it an integral part of your growth as an individual. Turn any regrets into a positive force going forwards, if it is going to shape your life, let it shape your life in a positive way. Then, once you have made peace with your past regrets, embrace the sensation of peace that envelops you and take empowered steps into the future of your own making free from the shackles of your past.


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Find, Identify and Kill Those Self-Limiting Belief

Self-limiting Beliefs

Transform your thoughts

By Annette Young

Do you feel that life is unfair and that you never get your chance to shine? Maybe, something within is holding you back.

Do you spend your time wondering when ‘your time’ will come? Does hope keep you going every day while you cling onto the possibility that one day your luck will change and you’ll be really happy? We can all kid ourselves that fate will one day give us our big break and it will arrive gift-wrapped but let’s cut to the chase. The only way you will achieve your true potential in life is to stop ‘hoping’ and instead, face up to any self-limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving. Beliefs are really powerful and if yours have a stranglehold on your life, it makes sense to really think about what you want and what’s stopping you from achieving.

Is it time to face up to any inner fears?

There’s little point emulating others who may be successful, when you need to define your own dreams and deliver. It is fine to consider their work remit or to understand what makes them successful. But it’s important to find your own way in life and to embrace each and every moment, making them count.

How many times have you stood on the threshold of success or faced a wonderful new opportunity and thought, ‘I can’t do this?’ Feelings of inadequacy if left unchecked can overpower your life and soon, you’ll find you do much less in life but worry a whole lot more. To be able to really make significant changes, to embrace the successes in life that you deserve, you need to discover what niggling little doubts are holding you back.

• Has anyone ever told you will never account to anything?
• Do you tell yourself you are not clever or capable enough to achieve anything?

Self-limiting beliefs are destructive. They are powerful and they need to be changed otherwise, your life will remain just as it is right now. That’s fine if you don’t need anything more in life or are really happy as you are right now. But if not, you just have to decide that change is the only option.

Often, any negative beliefs begin when we are young, so it’s important to think back to times when you were made to feel inadequate. Find any deeply rooted reason for your inability to fire up your life and success and you can then work on changing these beliefs. We all face rejections, we all face losses. Some people clamber with resolve over obstacles, others give up at the first hurdle.

Which one are you?

Awareness forms a powerful starting point for change. Think, right now, right this second. You can say yes to change. It’s not your fault if you have doubts caused through the actions of others, but it is your fault if you let your rut engulf you. Make a difference. Start today.

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