Visualisation Techniques – To Relax and Achieve.

Many people believe that meditation or creative visualization techniques are complicated but in reality, they are not complicated at all and the benefits far out-weigh any difficulties. By visualizing regularly, it has the power to make us feel better about ourselves and also increases the potential for us to achieve our aims and goals. It’s a powerful tool to have in our arsenal.

Distraction is the enemy of visualisation and in the early stages of practice, it is an element which has to be overcome. One way of doing so is to write everything down first. Let the thoughts and all those nagging problems flow freely and this gives some clarity to the mind. It also aids focus and affords structure, eradicating those annoying little problems that would lead you away from the main goal.

A wandering mind can be a problem with any focus-based project and it happens to most of us at some point. We sit there, our minds fully focused on future goals and aims, conjuring up strong images for success and then suddenly, as if without warning, we are thinking about our lunch or even how annoying a certain television program is. When this happens, just gently bring the focus back to the task at hand, educating the mind to be still. By writing down any issues first and then, even writing down the bare bones of the visualisation, we commit it to memory, strengthening the approach, bypassing the potential for the mind to be distracted.

One great method is to segment your visualisation – and you can create distinct sections by noting down career in one section and relationships, or the future in another. This enables you to focus just on the chosen area and increases the potency of such.

This is a useful and very simple method the really works and is almost guaranteed to keep you on track.

Another tip I would like to add is something that I read quite recently and I think that it improves visualisation techniques very effectively. It was suggested that writing down the emotions that you believe would be felt at any given point en-route to your ultimate goals i.e. satisfaction, happiness etc. This enables you to almost feel and connect with the emotion and to believe in the sensation of success. You feel it, focus on it, live it. By suggesting these feelings before you have achieved your goals, it absorbs into your sub-consciousness and starts to feel real, leading nicely onto the path of accomplishment.

For this to work correctly, you must focus on the emotion, connecting with it and believing in the sensation as if you have already achieved it. In a way, I see visualisation techniques as more of a form of meditation because there are some similarities. For instance, it is always better to be able to relax and not be disturbed – settling into the moment and like meditation, visualisation requires concentration and for the body to be relaxed.

The main difference of course is that with visualisation you are looking to the future and trying to emotionally connect with whatever it is you desire. If it is a successful business, then you will be visualising how you feel when you have achieved that and what it will be like to be in a position with more security and inner confidence. If it is relationship-based visualisation, then you will be imagining yourself in a happy environment with your partner and understanding what it feels like to be able to share and support each other. Of course, meditation is far more about relaxing the body and easing the stresses from the mind and so this is where the two methods differ.

Just remember that visualisation is a great tool and it becomes very powerful if used regularly because it defines your goals and aims and facilitates the changes that are required for you to journey on the right pathway to success. It also has the benefit of relaxing you and de-stressing in the same way that meditation will.

I encourage you to try it.

Andy Beveridge

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Stuck Fast in the Quagmire of Life?


Change your life

by Annette Young

We all want to live successful and happy lives but for many people, it can seem impossible. Financial problems, relationship problems or unrealistic workloads can make life tough. In fact, far from being vibrant, life becomes grey and dreary and filled with a never-ending stream of problems. If you are less than contented with any aspect of day to day life and are stuck fast in the proverbial quagmire which serves to hold you back, it’s time to make changes.

But where do you start?

How do you take the giant leap from discontented or unhappy to feeling empowered? When life goes from simplistic to out of control in the blink of an eye and when life and its various problems catch you unawares, it’s easy to spiral downwards into panic, anxiety and stress. Once you are in this vulnerable and frightening position, the clamber back upwards is a difficult one.

Make your mind-set work for you

Did you know that it can take approximately 30 days to form new positive habits of change? This means that whatever you do to instigate feelings of well-being and positivity, you need to do it regularly and believe in it so that you start the transformational ball of change rolling. But these changes are far easier to utilise than you might think because they do not have to be earth-shattering changes, sometimes small changes are key. Why? Because they are easier to incorporate into everyday life and, they also give you that feel-good factor leading to improved self-esteem and confidence, clarity of mind and determination because you know you are doing something productive…. just for you.

Do you want to feel stressed or unfulfilled next week, next month or even next year?

If life is a little stressful or just uninspired and you are fed up of walking the treadmill of life, make up your mind to do something now. Yes, right now. You may feel lethargic or your self-belief may be at the bottom of a long list of priorities right now, but, small changes equal powerful steps towards a life that is enhanced. One small, positive step in life can deliver unbelievable transformation.

The solution to a new life starts with you saying yes to change.

Health and Well-Being Starter Program

Feel inspired to change? Create the solid foundation of success.



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Being Aware of Awareness



I have written many articles about the balance of positive and negative energy and how they are equally important in our lives. Having a positive outlook is very powerful but of course it must never be at the expense of an individual avoiding negative elements. Although this at first seems a strange thing to say, it does make sense when you consider that the Universe we live in is complete energy and therefore, must be balanced.

So what we really need is awareness.

Awareness empowers us because it gives us the ability to recognise negative situations without concentrating or dwelling upon them. In some ways, this fits into the law of attraction in that we should not allow our thoughts to manifest a reality but where it differs is that we should not ignore the negative outcome completely.

Awareness actually helps us block negativity and naturally turn possible outcomes into a positive. Another way of looking at this is that each and every thought is energy and so, by trying not think of an outcome you actually are. This is why awareness is so important as you are not trying block energy via your thoughts but allowing the balance to adjust. By being aware, we are allowing a natural balance and flow that still allows all possible outcomes but also, enables positive thoughts and positive feelings.

We can see this in action when we look at deeply rooted fears. An individual may be trying very hard to avoid acknowledging these fears, desperately trying to think in a positive way, unaware that they are actually manifesting this fear by deliberately attempting to block out negative thoughts. This only gives the fear power. Inevitably, this negative outcome is likely to manifest itself.

Although this short article only touches on awareness, it is something to consider. Awareness helps you to understand that avoidance is not the answer, rather, it is important to be aware that both positive and negative outcomes exist alongside each other in a perfect balance. By embracing this knowledge and then retaining positive thoughts, we can help shift energy to work in our favour.

Andy Beveridge

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The Dark Cloud of Mind Clutter

Struggling to think

Struggling to think

by Annette Young

Mind shrouded in a dark, grey fog?

It’s not easy to make the most of your life when your thoughts are muddled, seemingly with no beginning and no end to the mental mind clutter. When your thoughts are negative, overwhelming and dark in nature, it may feel as if your life is in a complete stranglehold.

Do you feel as if there is nowhere to turn?

At times like this, problems seem insurmountable. Worse, problems arrive in waves, with no time to clear your mind and the new arrivals only add to the ever-increasing pile of issues in which you have no chance of resolving. You feel as if you take two steps forward and five back. There’s no definite answer and your life has spiralled terrifyingly out of control.

What do you do when there is no escape?

It may seem as if there is no easy pathway forward but don’t give up hope. Everyone feels like this sometimes and the way forward is just one small step at a time and one small problem at a time. Don’t try to take on the world or solve all problems in one go, it’s impossible when your thoughts are dark, you feel confused and afraid. There are always solutions, it just takes a leap of faith and a desire to make changes one small step at a time.




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