Grab Stress by the Scruff of the Neck

Banish Stress

Banish StressStress infiltrates every aspect of life. It can sneak up on you while you are oblivious to its presence, it can destroy your sense of peace, strip away your ability to think and act with any coherent sense and leave you feeling weak and ineffectual. It destroys focus, chips away at the immune system and it increases your potential to be downright irritable.  I’d like to say there’s nothing good about stress but actually, there is. Your stress response – (fight or flight) can save your life. It sharpens up your alertness so that you can respond to perceived dangers and, it can also make you work to your maximum potential (think exam stress) or, be off the starting blocks like lightning (think athletics) so, there are times when stress can work for you.

But, for the majority of us, stress is like an evil entity. It doesn’t matter how good your life, it can still invade without warning and create havoc, emotionally and physically. So, what can you do? The answer is to stand up and fight back. When I say you need to take these daily stressors by the scruff of the neck and shake them, I’m not kidding. Without taking a proactive approach, stress may ebb and flow, but don’t trust it, nor should you turn your back when you think that any situation is easing. It’s only waiting for a moment of weakness and it will pounce. Believe me, stress doesn’t just dissipate on its own, it waits to regain its strength and then it forms into a hideous monster that not only destroys your ability to experience peace and harmony during the day, but it manifests into some obscure creature that steals your sleep from you too. If you thought bedtime horrors were a thing of the past, think again. Stress, in all it’s glory can taunt you and prod you until you awaken with bloodshot eyes, all disorientated and dreading the day. Stress Management

While I write this, a little tongue-in-cheek, you know that the words are still honest. Stress invades lives and, it can ruin them. When you are stressed, your words are likely to be a little more sharp, you’ll be irritable to anyone who dares approach. When stress doesn’t decrease, this behaviour continues, you’ll offend or upset friends and family, the very people who are likely to be on your side. You won’t sleep, so work will suffer. Your productivity will reduce as will your focus. Your ability to communicate effectively will dramatically become impaired because you are tired and, oh yes, your perception will be off kilter too. You are not alone in this. Many people are weighed down by the pressure of unresolved stressors. But stress also damages you physically too. You may feel nauseous, anxious, tearful or develop headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders or, conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). But this is only the tip of a huge iceberg. Unresolved stress can kill. Remember, your mind and body must work together in unison, stress only fragments your balance in life. Equilibrium becomes a thing of the past.

The only way to recover and to embrace a normal and healthy life again is to grab stress by the scruff of the neck and resolve it. Yes, it means facing up to your problems. Don’t shy away, don’t bury your head in the sand, do something about it. You will feel a million times better. But there’s more that you can do too. You can learn powerful, effective stress management tips. You can build the foundations of your life so that you are no longer struggling to survive, but thriving whatever life throws at you. But you must take action, I may be biased but a great starting point for stress management techniques is published below. Well, you have to start somewhere……

by Annette Young

The 7-Day Stress-Busting Action Plan comes in.

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Stress Management Tips


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Fixed Or Growth? Which One Are You?

mindI want to talk about mind-set for a few minutes because mind-set is really the foundation block to so many important areas of our lives. As a business coach, I see many people stumbling through life achieving little or, not even getting started at all. Yet often, these people have all the knowledge they require and some great ideas too.

So what is it that actually prevents them from moving forward with their plans? In respect of my own clients, I could clearly see that it was not lack of intelligence – in fact, it never is. I could see that they were informed and their goals seemed attainable, in addition, their plans were solid and in place.

With everything seemingly in the right place, what can go wrong?

The answer is nearly always in the way they think.

There are two basic types of mind-set, fixed and growth. A fixed mind-set is where someone may believe that the qualities or skills they have acquired is at their uppermost limits. When you hear someone say they are not very good at one thing but fairly good at another, this can often come from a fixed mind-set. This kind of person is likely to think that they already are at their limits.

A person with a growth mind-set is not afraid to make mistakes and will see almost everything as a lesson. They are never worried about what others think and are always in a state of growth, seeing barriers as challenges. They appear to be more able to deal with varying situations.

Now it’s not fair to say that everybody falls into a black and white area with these different mind-sets and some people will have areas of thought that overlaps both but it is true to say that working out where you belong in respect of this is very important to your overall success.

Having the correct mind-set not only affects business but even relationships. This is because your ability to grow is as a direct result of how you think and it does help you to make sense of the world around you. This is just as important to the stability of a long-term relationship as it is to a long-term business. Mind-set basically affects everything.

To succeed in our goals, we need to be able to step out of our comfort zone which is not always easy to do because after all, it is by definition, a place where we feel safe. Working in job that we are not truly happy with but at least pays the mortgage and bills, keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table is a difficult thing to break free from.

I was talking to a coach yesterday who made me think in a slightly different way. I think he was correct in saying that a comfort zone is really not a place of comfort at all. It is more a place of pain and fear as we battle with the thought of losing what we already have.

I also think that scarcity creeps into this too as we can be frightened that we can’t duplicate what we already have and of course, a fixed type mind-set is likely to think this way. These thought can be like traps that can hold you back from ever achieving or from reaching the life you deserve.

It pays to understand that life is a series of lessons and growth is about learning from each event. There will always be two ways of looking at any given situation and I choose growth. Rather than to mull over any failures, is it not far better to think, ‘I now know that way does not work and I won’t make that mistake again?’

One way stops you in your tracks and the other opens up a door to success.

Andy Beveridge

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My Thoughts to Your Thoughts

Annette Young Blog Post

  Annette Young Blog Post

by Annette Young

We probably all remember Spock from Star-Trek who possessed an extraordinary gift of the mind meld where he could connect telepathically with the mind of another enabling the merging of thoughts. It also enabled him to probe the mind of another while shielding his own thoughts. Although this is fiction at its best, in real life, wouldn’t this be marvelous?

Our thoughts can accelerate our successes in life or quite literally, create a series of stumbling blocks that hold us back, so with this in mind,  the possibilities of helping others by transferring our own positive thoughts into the minds of those who feel negative, anxious or even depressed could be highly beneficial. This sharing of positivity would filter into every aspect of that individual’s life – from decision making, to harmonious relationships and would even impact career success.

While the mind merge is out of my own remit, here’s an example of how we can help others in real life. I was chatting to a friend the other day and he was going through a particularly difficult time and had found himself in a complete rut. He felt trapped, caught within the confines of his own making because he’d shut so many people out of his life, concentrating on picking up the pieces following a shattered marriage and, had focused solely on his children, putting his heart and soul into their needs. A selfless act? Maybe but his children, who had been veering towards their teenage years at the time, then grew up and happily went off to college, keen to move on with their own lives with little thought for their father who was then left feeling bereft and, quite depressed.

It’s all too easy to carve out a niche for ourselves in life which is confining and limiting. Although the intent may be honourable, it keeps you within your comfort zone and restricted. In my friend’s situation, he’d given his all for years, and had been content to do so. It was a sacrifice he’d been willing to make and he’d single-handedly brought his children up through a very difficult time-frame as well as experiencing all the joys and turbulence of teenage life. To be honest, I’d always been a little concerned by his need to dedicate his every waking hour to his family, in my own mind, I felt that his sacrifice – shutting out other friends or potential romantic relationships was through his fear of being hurt and limiting his own journey through life after divorce.

Having lived through a broken marriage and having a daughter who was making her own way in the world, I was able to talk positively about the whole experience and to discuss the challenges that lay ahead of him. I encouraged him to seek out these opportunities and to greet every day with positivity and to know that whatever difficulties may have to be faced, to do so with focus, intent and a positive mind-set. With the right attitude, life is less complicated than it might be and the foundations of change are directly connected to our thought processes. It was time to make a life for himself and to let others through the barriers. Irrespective of his previous experiences, he could welcome in kind people with a generous spirit. By enriching his life, he could go from solitude to social confidence and could show his children that life can be good whether single or not. As long as you are happy with who you are in life, being alone is no longer a terrifying prospect.

What a lesson of life to impart.

By the time we’d finished chatting, he admitted he felt relieved and lighter, as if a burden of fear had been lifted, recognising that he had indeed hidden from life.We may not be able to mind merge like Spock but we can all encourage and share our positivity with those who need it. It is never wasted and even if only a fraction of the support and guidance given is absorbed, it’s a comfort to know that you have been able to assist in the progress of others and will have planted the seeds of growth for the future.

Mindset is so important and if you want to enhance your own mindpower…CLICK HERE

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