Gag, Bind and Silence the Inner Critic

Silence the inner critic

by Annette Young

The simplest actions in life are shaped by your thoughts. Your decisions or inability to decide on any of the multitude of options presented to you are determined by clarity of thought, the ability to analyse and weigh-up said options and, to come to a satisfactory conclusion. It is your thoughts – whether positive or negative that enable you to progress or to come grinding to a halt.


What opportunities have passed you by?


We all have equal chances in life. You may not think it but there’s a level playing field out there in terms of your ability to achieve success. While some opportunities may not come gift-wrapped or presented on a silver platter, if you are forward-thinking, positive and determined, the energy that you promote conjures up a route not formerly open and new possibilities start to emerge. Whether you take these options and use them, is up to you, it’s a conscious choice. But what happens if your negative thought processes are whirring away in the background and holding you captive on a sub-conscious level?


There’s a voice inside your mind telling you no.


Many people find themselves having an inner dialogue. This is not an indulgence or a sign of madness but the inner critic that often comes out to play when indecision hovers. Your inner critic taints your thought processes and renders them inadequate. The inner critic paralyses you leading you to inactivity so that your true potential passes you by. Think of any occasion when your inner voice may have gleefully informed you that you are lacking – you are not good enough, pretty enough or clever enough. Here’s an example: you meet the person of your dreams or apply for a dream job and then, without warning, the inner critic demoralises your self-esteem and confidence stripping it back to its crumbling foundations. When you understand that it’s the work of the inner critic, awareness can give you an added advantage.


There’s a battle going on right now


The good news is that the inner critic can be quietened and tamed to order. Awareness and resolve come into play here. You can mentally gag that nagging voice and push all thoughts of doubt away. Don’t let the strength of this inner voice fool you though, one victory is not enough, it’s strong, but you need to be stronger. Make no mistake, turn your attention for one second and it will be back like a gremlin on the shoulder of life. The more you practice positivity and tell yourself you can achieve anything, the greater the potential for doing so.


What’s your inner critic telling you today?

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