Transformative Thought is the brain child of brother and sister Andy Beveridge and Annette Young.  Qualified in their own fields of expertise, they realised that between them, they had a vast array of skills which could be incorporated into a personal development website providing high-quality courses, articles and videos relevant to the power of the mind.

Andy Beveridge is an author, Internet marketer, qualified hypnotherapist, counselling psychotherapist, life coach, business coach and motivational speaker.

Annette Young is an author, freelance writer, Internet marketer, qualified stress management, relaxation and drug and alcohol counsellor. She has been writing professional courses in a wide variety of subjects for colleges and businesses for many years.

Together they formed Transformative Thought which will offer unique, life-changing courses connected to the thought processes that can hold many people back.  From business to self-improvement, these are courses designed to help improve every facet of life.