Stuck Fast in the Quagmire of Life?

Change your life

by Annette Young

We all want to live successful and happy lives but for many people, it can seem impossible. Financial problems, relationship problems or unrealistic workloads can make life tough. In fact, far from being vibrant, life becomes grey and dreary and filled with a never-ending stream of problems. If you are less than contented with any aspect of day to day life and are stuck fast in the proverbial quagmire which serves to hold you back, it’s time to make changes.

But where do you start?

How do you take the giant leap from discontented or unhappy to feeling empowered? When life goes from simplistic to out of control in the blink of an eye and when life and its various problems catch you unawares, it’s easy to spiral downwards into panic, anxiety and stress. Once you are in this vulnerable and frightening position, the clamber back upwards is a difficult one.

Make your mind-set work for you

Did you know that it can take approximately 30 days to form new positive habits of change? This means that whatever you do to instigate feelings of well-being and positivity, you need to do it regularly and believe in it so that you start the transformational ball of change rolling. But these changes are far easier to utilise than you might think because they do not have to be earth-shattering changes, sometimes small changes are key. Why? Because they are easier to incorporate into everyday life and, they also give you that feel-good factor leading to improved self-esteem and confidence, clarity of mind and determination because you know you are doing something productive…. just for you.

Do you want to feel stressed or unfulfilled next week, next month or even next year?

If life is a little stressful or just uninspired and you are fed up of walking the treadmill of life, make up your mind to do something now. Yes, right now. You may feel lethargic or your self-belief may be at the bottom of a long list of priorities right now, but, small changes equal powerful steps towards a life that is enhanced. One small, positive step in life can deliver unbelievable transformation.

The solution to a new life starts with you saying yes to change.

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