Do You Think Yourself Old?

Time waits for no one.


When we think about ageing, we tend to think about our bodies deteriorating and the slow, steady process of our mental faculties ebbing away.  The thought of aging tends to follows a negative pattern because it’s about loss and of course, depicts the inevitable signs of our own mortality. What we should do instead is think about the accumulated knowledge that we have gained and how we are able to explore new ideas and concepts with a mind developed through discovery and knowledge gained over a lifetime.


We think about ageing incorrectly because we put numbers first. We map out our lives through a series of dates that follow a calendar which we created ourselves. It makes sense that we can mark time in this way. The simple solution of following the turn of the earth for a day and marking out a year by understanding the Earth’s journey around the sun all appears to be the correct answer to charting out our daily lives. It has become important to us to chart time and in a world that is growing busier almost by the second, we tend to map out our days by watching the ticking of the clock.


However, ageing has nothing to do this. We cannot stop getting older but we don’t all age in relation to that ticking clock. Ageing and time are two different factors. Once we understand this, we develop a relationship with ageing and time that is completely different than before. The mistake that is ingrained deeply within is to believe that numbers count for how we should feel or act. We celebrate reaching pivotal points in our lives like 21 and 40 and 60. We consider these significant milestones and, of course, it’s not wrong to celebrate those events. But they have nothing to do with real ageing but the danger is that our minds still believes that it does. Someone reaches a certain age and they start to believe that they need to behave differently or dress in a certain way. This is all completely wrong because your body clock may not be in line with your chronological age, and because of this, some people age quicker than they need to.

A demonstration of this is when two people who are attracted to each other meet for the first time. For most people, the need to want to know the other person’s age is high on their list. Sometimes, the answer to this question may put them completely off the idea of being with that person in a relationship. Of course, there are obvious boundaries as it’s not natural to be attracted to someone who is at the opposite end of the scale from you, because nature does not want that to happen. It requires both adults to be around for any offspring. How sad though that we often categorize another person simply because of a number that was given to them.

The truth is that once you stop thinking of your age and your life as a series of numbers then you unlock the inner you, because it is highly unlikely that the ageing process your mind and body is going through is really linked to any numbers at all. The age you have been told you are may well not be your physical, mental or emotional age at all.

Sponsered by The Ageless Body System by Wesley Virgin.

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