The Mind, The Key and You


Awarenessby Annette Young

I had an interesting conversation the other day. I was flying back after a busy 4-day visit to the UK where I had been teaching for the weekend and was on my way back home to Spain. Although the journey is only a little over 2 hours, I always find myself people-watching and talking to others wherever possible – call it the writer in me but I’m fascinated by how others think, feel and act and find myself gleefully absorbing the subtleties of characteristics. This time, I was sitting next to a couple who were far from early morning risers and who seemed intent only on waking up with a can of lager. Our conversation was interesting in that it reminded me how the power of thought can make such a huge difference. Here’s why.

The couple were going on holiday and looking forward to the warmth of the Spanish sun for a week and my companion in the next seat asked me where I was going on holiday. He was greatly surprised when I said that I lived in Spain now and had spent the last four years travelling through France before embarking on an intended year’s stay in Spain. His initial comment was how lucky I was as if I was one of a favoured few who had been handed the ‘get out of mundane life’ card. But although there was no resentment or malice from him, just resigned dissatisfaction at our parallel lives, it made me realise that this is the general view of those who are firmly caught up in the stresses and strains of daily life and who see no way out.

But therein lies the problem for people.

I seriously (hand on heart) believe that we make our own luck in life and we shape our futures. Life is a constant act of surging forward pushing through or overcoming difficulties in life and it’s how you approach it, and how much you want to take control that makes a difference as to how you live and achieve. I have done my best to help writers realise their dreams for many years encouraging them to think like professionals so that they embrace and wrap themselves in the role, wearing this creative cloak which enables them to achieve their dreams. The secret is not earth-shattering, it is all about their mind-set and how much they want to write for a living and to be able to live a lifestyle that offers freedom and creativity every day.

Feel your dreams and visualise it happening

When I said this to the man next to me, he seemed surprised, as if he’d never once contemplated that he could get out of the rut that seemed to be his life, a drink that enabled him to face each day (his words) and then, to have his head down ploughing his way through his working day, willing the hours to go by so that he could enjoy his few hours of freedom before facing the same routine the next day. His one-week holiday abroad was a luxury where he made the most of the Spanish alcohol measures (his words) before going back to the rat race. When I asked him what he would really like to do in life, he shook his head, he had no idea, no vision and no aspirations. He didn’t realise that he could actually shape his future. I could see him toying with the idea and I hope that the idea takes shape. We all have the power of the mind and the key to unlocking a future that is appealing.

With realisation comes awareness and with awareness comes action – if you choose to do so. I shaped my life, what do you want to do with yours?

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Thoughts Are Energy


If all thoughts are energy then the question is, do we have to breathe life into all of them? The answer is a resounding no! If we understand that a particular thought is negative then we should be aware of it, but instead, turn our thoughts to a positive.

Let us look at an example; Tom has an expanding business; his staff are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing workloads. He has a choice, either he employs new staff or he stays where he is and does not expand the business further. Sounds an easy decision right? The problem is that Tom is worried that if he loses his main contract, he’ll have extra wages to find but have no work to cover the rising costs. If Tom gives into his negative thought processes, if he dwells too deeply on his doubts, he could give life to those thoughts by allowing them to suffocate his potential to expand.

By not stepping out of his comfort zone, his company will not progress and through this, he may still be at risk of the negativity he is trying to avoid. Alternatively, Tom could simply be aware of the negative implications but take the positive route through life, being consciously prepared of the risks but, doing all he can to look for new contracts. This would place his business and any employees in a far healthier position. By understanding there are two outcomes but concentrating on the positive, he gives life only to the positive and eliminates his fears or at least the control those fears would have over him. Fear is only born from the negative thought after all. The whole point is that we get a choice in life.

We are far better off if we understand the negative implications but do not allow them to fester and transform into something that stops our potential or in this case, the progression of the business. Awareness is vital but allows you to concentrate on the desired outcome. So all thought is energy and the universe is balanced with both positive and negative energies, and by being aware of all outcomes, we start to take control. Denial only gives life to negative thoughts.

Andy Beveridge


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