Fixed Or Growth? Which One Are You?

mindI want to talk about mind-set for a few minutes because mind-set is really the foundation block to so many important areas of our lives. As a business coach, I see many people stumbling through life achieving little or, not even getting started at all. Yet often, these people have all the knowledge they require and some great ideas too.

So what is it that actually prevents them from moving forward with their plans? In respect of my own clients, I could clearly see that it was not lack of intelligence – in fact, it never is. I could see that they were informed and their goals seemed attainable, in addition, their plans were solid and in place.

With everything seemingly in the right place, what can go wrong?

The answer is nearly always in the way they think.

There are two basic types of mind-set, fixed and growth. A fixed mind-set is where someone may believe that the qualities or skills they have acquired is at their uppermost limits. When you hear someone say they are not very good at one thing but fairly good at another, this can often come from a fixed mind-set. This kind of person is likely to think that they already are at their limits.

A person with a growth mind-set is not afraid to make mistakes and will see almost everything as a lesson. They are never worried about what others think and are always in a state of growth, seeing barriers as challenges. They appear to be more able to deal with varying situations.

Now it’s not fair to say that everybody falls into a black and white area with these different mind-sets and some people will have areas of thought that overlaps both but it is true to say that working out where you belong in respect of this is very important to your overall success.

Having the correct mind-set not only affects business but even relationships. This is because your ability to grow is as a direct result of how you think and it does help you to make sense of the world around you. This is just as important to the stability of a long-term relationship as it is to a long-term business. Mind-set basically affects everything.

To succeed in our goals, we need to be able to step out of our comfort zone which is not always easy to do because after all, it is by definition, a place where we feel safe. Working in job that we are not truly happy with but at least pays the mortgage and bills, keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table is a difficult thing to break free from.

I was talking to a coach yesterday who made me think in a slightly different way. I think he was correct in saying that a comfort zone is really not a place of comfort at all. It is more a place of pain and fear as we battle with the thought of losing what we already have.

I also think that scarcity creeps into this too as we can be frightened that we can’t duplicate what we already have and of course, a fixed type mind-set is likely to think this way. These thought can be like traps that can hold you back from ever achieving or from reaching the life you deserve.

It pays to understand that life is a series of lessons and growth is about learning from each event. There will always be two ways of looking at any given situation and I choose growth. Rather than to mull over any failures, is it not far better to think, ‘I now know that way does not work and I won’t make that mistake again?’

One way stops you in your tracks and the other opens up a door to success.

Andy Beveridge

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