Let Go of Past Regrets



by Annette Young

You think that your past regrets are just that…a thing of the past. A distant memory slotted neatly into the dark recesses of your mind and long forgotten.

Sadly, regrets have a way of intertwining and becoming intricately wrapped in the here and now.  Stored within your sub-conscious mind, they shape your thoughts and actions and they can make you hold back in life. Regrets are part of the human condition, it’s impossible to go through life without making any irrespective of any tender steps around issues. You may have made a decision that turned out horribly wrong. Your mistake might have been costly. You hurt someone badly or your decision impacted your career prospects on a colossal scale. Your decision may have been made out of fear.

Live with your past regrets and learn from them.

Your past regrets can easily interfere with your belief system and make you second guess how to progress your life in a positive way. Understanding how important past regrets are enables you to deal with them in a positive and healing way. Spending time analysing any past regrets is a positive move. Track down those regrets that haunt you and chip away at your sub-conscious mind, always just slightly out of reach of your conscious control.

Forgive yourself and let go.

Whatever your reasoning at the time, it’s important to accept it and embrace it. Consider it an integral part of your growth as an individual. Turn any regrets into a positive force going forwards, if it is going to shape your life, let it shape your life in a positive way. Then, once you have made peace with your past regrets, embrace the sensation of peace that envelops you and take empowered steps into the future of your own making free from the shackles of your past.


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