Understanding your belief systems

Belief Systems

We are all born with a clean slate and our belief systems are passed down to us in a variety of ways i.e. from parents, teachers, friends and even the media plays a role in the development of all that we believe. In all honesty, we rarely question them and carry on throughout life following these beliefs as if they must be true. It pays to sit down and contemplate as to why we actually believe or think we know about something. This does not just mean spiritual or religious views although they very much do fit into this but also, to consider our whole attitude about life and even our thoughts on what is healthy or good for us. Our perceived values are also handed to us from external sources and will govern our way of thinking right from the start.

When I first sat down and began to question my own beliefs, it was a real wake-up call.

You see even when we think we are making decisions or choices based upon our own knowledge, this is quite often not the case. You may walk down a supermarket aisle and without due consideration, pluck items from the shelf never questioning which products are better or even why a certain product is chosen. The chances are that taste is only one aspect of why you choose certain types of food. Marketing hype and discussions with others may influence your beliefs.

Messages from bill boards and magazines seep through into our sub-conscious mind and facilitate change in the way we think. There is no escape from this barrage of often false information and those people within marketing, know that it works. We trust authority figures far too easily without ever researching the real truths and making an informed decision based on that research.

We do this with even more serious subjects too like religion and tend to believe all that has been passed down to us forgetting that someone else in another part of the world believes in a completely different set of values for exactly the same reason. We should always question our core beliefs and see if we truly understand them.

Finding the Real You
The real you can often be hidden under other peoples’ beliefs systems which they in turn developed from people passing their own beliefs onto them too. Look how easily a story can become twisted as it is passed on from person to person.

Once you start asking why something is important to you and what experiences you have based your belief system on, then often the truth becomes clear, and this is where your core values and beliefs can sometimes change. This is where the heart of the ‘real you’ resides, that place where what you do and live by is completely your choice based on your experiences, your instinct and your knowledge. These beliefs are yours alone.

Andy Beveridge

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